Student Information

Below are links to a variety of campus resources for graduate students:

The Graduate Studies Center (GSC) offers a range of services dedicated to providing academic, professional and personal support services for post baccalaureate students at CI. Visit for more information.

The Graduate Writing Studio (GWS) exists to provide writing support to credential, graduate, and doctoral students in order to meet the increasingly complex requirements of advanced degree writing. Visit to learn more.

This CI page contains information about the CSUCI Basic Needs and Emergency Intervention program which provides resources for assistance to every student that is experiencing a ‘basic need’ insecurity:

This CI page contains a lot of valuable information that you may find helpful as you navigate the stresses of school, relationships, financial concerns, work responsibilities, and life in general:

This CI page contains information for those who have questions about school policies, procedures, or support resources related to discrimination or harassment on the basis of gender or sexual orientation, including dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking:

If you are concerned about how to assist a student in distress, consult the Red Folder to determine who to contact and to obtain important resources and tips:

Student Handbook

The Graduate Student Handbook will soon be available.

Degree Application

Please make sure you have met with your program coordinator and the Graduate Studies Center counselor before you submit your degree application.

Scholarship Opportunities

We are committed to providing you with information on scholarship opportunities. Any time we become aware of these opportunities, we will post them on our Scholarship and Grants page.