Careers in Higher Education

The Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, Higher Education Emphasis prepares candidates for increasingly responsible leadership positions in public and private universities and community colleges that require historical perspectives of higher education and knowledge of organizations, systems, law, management, assessment, and evaluation of personnel.

Careers in P-12

The Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, P-12 Emphasis prepares candidates for leadership positions as school principals and for a variety of school leadership positions for which the Preliminary Administrate Services Credential is required. It prepares educational leaders who can develop, coordinate, and assess instructional programs; evaluate and supervise certificated and classified personnel, facilitate and manage safe and secure school learning environments, manage school site, district, or county level fiscal services; and develop, coordinate and supervise student support services.


Admission to the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership

  1. Application-– Apply to both the University Admissions office and the School of Education.
  2. One set of Official Transcripts-– One official set of transcripts from each of the colleges or universities attended must be mailed directly to the CI Admissions office. Cumulative grade point average of 3.0 is required to be accepted into the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program. Cumulative grade point average of 3.0 is required for acceptance into the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership. Students with a GPA lower than 3.0 may qualify by taking the GRE and achieving minimum threshold scores.
  3. Two Letters of Recommendation-– Two letters of recommendation from professionals who are knowledgeable of the candidate’s professional work at least one of whom is the candidate’s current school administrator/supervisor.
  4. Interview-– Interview with School of Education Admissions Committee.
  5. Writing Sample-– A written statement of purpose (500-600 word essay) describing why the candidate desires to obtain a Master’s in Educational Leadership specific to their emphasis. This essay will include reflection on personal and professional goals, and the ways in which the knowledge and skills will be developed to achieve these goals.

Master of Arts in Educational Leadership Higher Education Admission Forms

**Fall 2018 applications for the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, Higher Education Emphasis are closed**

Application Checklist (PDF, 294 KB)

Recommendation Form (PDF, 502 KB)

Additional Admissions Requirements for the P-12 Leadership Emphasis and Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

  1. Experience-– Documentation of at least three years of full-time successful teaching experience (substitute or part-time service does not apply).
  2. CBEST Examination-– Copy of card indicating passage of the California Basic Education Skills Test (CBEST) or verification that you have taken the test prior to admission to the program. Passage of CBEST is required for certification.
  3. California Teaching Credential-– Copy of a valid California teaching credential requiring a baccalaureate degree and a program of professional preparation, including student teaching; or a valid California Designated Subjects teaching credential provided the applicant also possesses a baccalaureate degree; or a valid California services credential in Pupil Personnel Services, Health Services, Library Media Teacher Services, or Clinical or Rehabilitative Services requiring a baccalaureate degree and a profession preparation program including field practice or the equivalent submitted to the School of Education.
  4. Include in the writing sample why the candidate desires to be a school administrator serving the children and families of the diverse communities of California.

Master of Arts in Educational Leadership P-12 Admission Forms

Application Checklist (PDF, 183 KB)

Recommendation Form (PDF, 502 KB)

Notification to the School District Form (PDF, 253 KB)

Verification of Experience Form (PDF, 38.7 KB)

Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Admission Forms

Application Checklist (PDF, 176 KB)

Recommendation Form (PDF, 500 KB)

Notification to the School District Form (PDF, 253 KB)

Verification of Experience Form (PDF, 38.7 KB)

Tuition & Fees

To view the tuition and fees, please visit the Current Fee Schedule page

Application Deadlines

**Fall Admission Only**

Applications open: December 1, 2018
*Priority: April 1, 2019
All applications are due: June 3, 2019

*Priority Deadline: Applicants who meet this deadline are reviewed first by the committee. They are also first to be considered for open seats in the program.

Apply Now

After you have applied:
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You are issued a CSUCI email account when you apply to the University. Your CSUCI email account serves as your official email account with the University. This means that the University will use it for official communications and you are responsible for monitoring this account. All updates on your application status will be sent to your CSUCI email account only.

You should receive an e-mail or letter? from CI’s Admissions and Records with your CSUCI User ID/Username, initial password, and CSUCI email address roughly one week after submission of your application. More information about activating your account is available by contacting CI Records Office at (805) 437-8500.