Human Subjects Research Training and Certification

All investigators conducting research involving human subjects are required to comply with the NIH requirements for Education in the Protection of Human Research ParticipantsBefore submitting an IRB Application, researchers must complete an online orientation and certification course addressing the ethics of human subject research.  All key personnel involved in a project (i.e., individuals who will have contact with human subjects, with confidential data about human subjects, or with data that will be obtained from human subjects) must complete training and provide certification of completion as part of the IRB Application.  

Certification must be maintained throughout any human subject research conducted by an investigator.  Certification must be renewed every three years.

Certificates of  completion are accepted from the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) at the University of Miami, and from the Protecting Human Research Participants course offered by the National Institute of Health (NIH).


The preferred training for members of the California State University Channel Islands community is provided free of cost by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) at the University of Miami.

First time users must create an account and associate themselves with California State University Channel Islands.  When logging-in to CITI, CSUCI users must use the "LOG IN" link, not the "LOG IN THROUGH MY INSTITUTION" link. When a user successfully completes a course, CITI will issue a completion certificate and notify the CSUCI IRB.  

NIH Fee-Based Online Training

The CSUCI IRB will also accept training certificates from the Protecting Human Research Participants course offered by the National Institute of Health for a fee of $39.99 per person. This online training satisfies  HHS requirements for education in the protection of human research. In addition, this course may meet other funding entities’ requirements for such training. The course provides a certificate upon completion. Information about the NIH training can be found HERE.


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