myCI 3.1 release notes

Pinned Services

As of version 3.1, the MyCI portal lets you collect your favorite or most frequently used services in the "Pinned Services" section.

Pin or unpin a service

Animation showing how to pin or unpin a service

  1. Click the "Edit Pinned" button
  2. Click the Pin button on any service you want to pin. Pinning moves the service from the Services section.
  3. To remove, click the Unpin button. Unpinning returns the pinned item to the Services section.
  4. To finish, click the "Done Pinning" button

Re-ordering my pinned services

Pinned services appear in the order in which they are pinned. To reorder, just un-pin and re-pin the services in the order you want.

Need more help?

Contact the Solution Center or call 805-437-8552.

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