For TeamDynamix to function properly, you must allow popups for the domain Here you'll find guides for how to accomplish this in most modern browsers.

Google Chrome (Windows or MacOS)

  1. Click on menu (hamburger) icon
  2. Choose Settings, then click Show advanced settings... link at page bottom
  3. Click Content Settings button
  4. Under the Popups section, click Manage Exceptions…
  5. Under “hostname pattern”, enter and set behavior to “Allow
  6. Click Done button several times to finish.  

Safari (MacOS only)

Safari does not allow individual sites to be unblocked; you must unblock popups for all sites.

  1. Go to Safari menu, and choose Preferences…
  2. Click the Security icon
  3. Uncheck the Block pop-up windows option

Firefox (MacOS)

  1. Go to Firefox menu, and choose Preferences…
  2. Click the Content icon, and click the Exceptions... button
  3. Enter in the "Address of web site" box
  4. Click the Allow button
  5. Close the window

Firefox (Windows)

  1. Click the menu (hamburger) icon, and choose Options
  2. Click the Content icon, and click the Exceptions... button
  3. Enter in the "Address of web site" box
  4. Click the Allow button
  5. Click the Close button

Internet Explorer 11 and later (Windows only)

  1. Go to the Tools menu, and choose Internet Options
  2. Click on the Privacy tab. Under the "Pop-up Blocker” section, click Settings
  3. Enter in the "Address of web site to allow" box
  4. Click Add button. will show up in the Allowed sites box
  5. Click Close to finish.

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