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Section 4. Additional Web Page Features

 4.1. How do I put music on my Web page?

View a tutorial on the HTML5 audio element to learn more. Please be aware that placing audio in your web page may have accessibility implications. Please review web accessibility guidelines for use of audio media in a web page.

 4.3. I want to keep a log of who accessed my Web page and how they found it. Is this possible?

Unfortunately, we do not have a provision for making our access logs available to users. We recommend using Google Analytics for page access tracking.

 4.4. Can I access the log file for my program area/organization home page?

Web Services uses Google Analytics to gather data on visits and visitors of official University organization web pages. Please email the ITS Help Desk or call x8552 to request access for the Google Analytics dashboard for your organization's web site.

 4.5. How do I password-protect one of my Web pages?

Official University program areas and/or organizations can email the ITS Help Desk or call x8552 to request password protection of a web page or a web folder.

Faculty & students using CI Keys may password protect individual web pages. 

 4.6. How do I let others download journal articles, etc. from my Web space?

Please be aware that the reproduction and dissemination of electronic content is governed by University policy, fair use principles, copyright law, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

In order for people outside CSU Channel Islands to download your articles, you must put your articles in your Web space. Here are some ways to accomplish this:

  • Convert your articles to HTML format. HTML files end in .htm or .html and will be displayed by your browser.
  • Convert your articles to Acrobat PDF format. Acrobat files end in .pdf and are displayed by the Acrobat Reader program which can be downloaded from Adobe Systems and made to work with your browser.

 4.6b. Can I configure use anonymous FTP to allow users to download files from my personal web space?

No. Anonymous FTP services are not available on CSU Channel Islands web resources for personal use. Users may not share their user name and/or password with anyone, and are responsible for the use of their user account in compliance with applicable policy.

Users may place files that they wish to have others download in their personal or department/organization web space, and email a link to the document(s) or file(s) to visitors. Alternately, CSUCI faculty and staff may use Dropbox@CI or CI Docs powered by Google to share documents with others outside of CI.