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Section 5. CGI/Server-side Scripts

 5.1. What are CGI scripts?

CGI scripts are executable programs that are referred to on your Web page but run on the web server. The output of these programs can also be directed to a Web page. For example, let's say that you wanted to make a guestbook on your Web page, where a form is used for people to fill in data. This data is to be then displayed on a guestbook page. Basically, you will need to create a CGI program that the server executes when somebody fills the form and hits the submit button. This program receives the data, and then displays them on the guestbook page as needed.

The CSU Channel Islands directory is an example of a CGI script. A user fills out a Web form and submits the data to a CGI program which queries the directory database and presents the output in HTML format.

CGI scripts can be written in a number of programming languages, including PHP, Python, and Perl.

 5.1a. What CGI programming languages are supported on CSU Channel Islands web servers?

Please contact the ITS Help Desk for more information about permitted programming languages.  Please note that certain features of any supported programming languages may change or be disabled without notice.

 5.2. How do I run a script from my Web space?

Students: to run scripts, students should use CI Keys. Visit the CI Keys support site for more information. As of September 1, 2017, scripting is no longer supported on the legacy domain. 

Facultyto run scripts, faculty should use CI Keys. Visit the CI Keys support site for more information. 

Organizations: pleasecontact the ITS Help Desk to request installation of your script.