This page contains information about how CI employees can create and publish accessible web-based surveys, online forms and event registrations at CI.

The fastest and easiest method is to use our campus licensed Qualtrics Research Suite application.

Online forms and event registrations

What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is a simple and intuitive web-based form tool that allows you to easily create and manage forms for a variety of uses, including event registrations, academic research, satisfaction surveys, evaluations, student/faculty elections, etc.

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Who can use Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is available to all faculty, staff and students at CI with a myCI account.

Users of Qualtrics must comply with ITS business practices, CSU policy, and state and federal laws regarding proper gathering, storage, usage and disposal of confidential and sensitive data.  Please review ITS Business Practice for Qualtrics Use and Survey Activation and the CSU policy on Information Asset Management for more details about appropriate data gathering & storage practices for Qualtrics. 

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What features does Qualtrics have?

With Qualtrics, it’s a breeze to capture, analyze, and act on insights. It’s online survey collaboration features make it easy for users to build and share a survey with peers inside or outside our organization. It features 100+ question types, embedded data, branching, display logic, quotas, automated email notifications (email triggers), download of data to Excel, and much more. 

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Before you activate and distribute your first survey or form in Qualtrics

If you are publishing a survey which will be sent to 10% or more students, faculty, staff or alumni: please contact Institutional Research, Planning & Effectiveness to discuss survey scheduling.  Visit the IRPE Survey & Data Request page for more information. 

If your survey involves research on human subjects: IRB approval may be necessary prior to survey distribution. Contact the Institutional Review Board (IRB) to determine if the IRB approval is required to publish your survey, or whether you qualify for an IRB exemption. Typically surveys that are used internally for program/organizational improvement and whose results will not be published are qualified for IRB exemption; however, only IRB can make that determination.

If you are gathering sensitive or confidential information in your form or survey: please review the CSU policy on Information Asset Management for more details about appropriate data gathering & storage practices using Qualtrics.

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Activating your Qualtrics account

The first time you login to Qualtrics, an account will automatically be created for you. 

Login to Qualtrics (myCI login required)

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Learn to use Qualtrics

Qualtrics has an extensive online training library.

Start learning how to use Qualtrics

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Questions? Need Help?

First, please review the Qualtrics "Getting Started" site for answers to frequently asked questions.

If you are unable to find an answer on the Qualtrics support site and require further technical support, contact the IT Solution Center 

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