Graham Moland
'07 Biology

By Stephanie Villafuerte
English major, Communication minor
Communication & Marketing Intern

Camrosa Water District Lab Technician Graham Moland attended CSUCI for the opportunities to work closely with faculty. He wanted the chance to intern, gain experience, and learn from someone in his future field.

The Biology major, who graduated in 2007, loved science and wanted a career that allowed him to do something positive for the environment.

“The faculty members were always available to answer questions about the material we were learning in class,” Moland said. “They also had contacts at local companies to set us up with internships.”

Former CSUCI Biology professor Ching-Hua Wang, Ph.D. was his undergrad research advisor and Moland relied on her while researching a method for quickly diagnosing bacteriological infections in cystic fibrosis patients using traces of chemicals found in a patient’s breath.

“Dr. Wang made the biggest difference for me at CSUCI,” Moland said. “She sponsored my student research and connected me with my project. The experience taught me a lot about the protocols used to conduct medical research.”

His professors also helped him land internships which led to full-time jobs.

He began working at the water district as a part-time student worker and got to know the laboratory director who eventually hired him for his current role.

Moland finds it rewarding to provide essential services such as safe drinking water and wastewater treatment to the residents of Camarillo. He also enjoys leading his fellow

Dolphins on tours of the facility.

“One of the best parts of my job is getting to lead tours of our water treatment facilities for CSUCI students and ESRM classes,” he said.

He has plans to continue expanding his knowledge of water treatment technology and state-of-the-art laboratory techniques and finding solutions to problems related to building new water infrastructure and providing clean water for residents. He also wants to continue to earn higher levels of certification related to the industry.  

For those considering his field of work, Moland advises: “Intern with a public utility or municipality, attend Association of Water Agencies of Ventura County meetings, and learn the history of water politics in California.”


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