The online CSUCI News Center is a central hub for the University community to get information on campus news, announcements and events. The News Center is managed by Communication & Public Relations and content is accepted on a continuous basis.

New requesters, please read the FAQ prior to filling a submission. To submit content for the News Center, please fill out the form in its entirety.

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If you have questions about the News Center or submitting content, contact Communication & Public Relations at 805-437-8415 or

CSUCI News Centers FAQs

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What is the CSUCI News Center?

The CSUCI News Center is an online digital news hub featuring campus news and announcements, updates and events.

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Can I submit a past event to feature photos and a recap?

No. The News Center will feature upcoming campus events.

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Who can access the News Center?

The News Center is a public webpage, accessible by anyone on the internet, or anyone who can navigate our website. Due to this, the information posted to the News Center needs to be relevant to members of the campus community (students/faculty/staff and/or external constituents).

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How do I submit my information?

You can submit a posting to the News Center via our C&PR Request for Services form.

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What kind of information are you looking for in submissions?

The main details we require are the four W’s: who, what, where and when. This is the information we need to feature your news or event on the News Center. Please include as much detail as possible.

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Why is so much information marked as required?

To ensure we are providing accurate information to the campus, it is important to have relevant event details or announcement information. Additionally, it is standard practice to have an event contact (name/phone/email) so readers have a direct source to gather further information if necessary.

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Your form states submissions are reviewed weekly. Can you clarify the turnaround time?

Yes. Submissions are reviewed in the order they are received, on a weekly basis. C&PR will make every effort to post content within 48 hours of receipt, but occasionally there may be delays. Weekends and holidays are not included. This means that submissions received on a Friday will post the following week. Additionally, posts received the day before a holiday will post the following business day when the campus re-opens. 
If you are concerned with the turnaround time for your submission, you may follow up with our team by sending an email to Kristin Steiner at

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My event location changed. How do I get that updated on the webpage?

We will make updates regarding date, time or location of an event. It is up to the requester to notify us via email of those changes in order to get them updated on the webpage.

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Our event is being sponsored by an external organization. Can I submit their logo as the image/artwork?

No. All graphics that are submitted need to be University-approved. Sponsor logos, Google images, etc. will not be accepted forms of artwork. Sponsors may be mentioned in the text of a submission.

Photographs are acceptable, provided they are related to the event or announcement and are a minimum of 600x600 or 600x400 pixels.

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I submitted a 200-word article, but I noticed it was edited down. Why is this?

The office of Communication & Public Relations reviews all News Center submissions and retains the right to edit submissions as necessary. If you have questions about something that was edited please direct them to Kristin Steiner at 805-437-1689 or

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I am new to writing submissions for this type of content. Do you have any resources for me?

Yes. The University’s Writing Style Guide is available online (PDF, 228KB).

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I noticed my submission is no longer on the News Center homepage, but I just submitted it a few days ago.

Submissions are posted on a weekly basis and appear in chronological order. The volume of submissions varies from day to day, so there are times when a submission will appear on the main News Center webpage for a whole week, sometimes less.

It is important to note that content remains live even after the item is no longer on the homepage of the News Center.

You can access older News Center posts by clicking "More News" at the bottom of the main page.

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For any other questions contact Kristin Steiner at 805-437-1689 or

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