Tomas Mora
’20 B.A. Political Science

By Diane Tran ’23 B.A. English
Communications & Public Relations Intern

Photo of Tomas MoraAlthough he was planning to pursue a physics degree while studying at Moorpark College, Tomas Mora found it difficult to spend extra time studying the subject while working full-time. Meanwhile, he was always willing to study and read for his political science courses. Deciding to follow his passion, he chose to pursue a political science degree instead.

Mora had low confidence and little motivation for school until he came to CSUCI, where he met professors and classmates who were all so passionate about what they studied. It created a great environment that left a big impression on Mora and pushed him to do better academically.

“Dr. Andrea Grove is the one who pushed me out of my low-confidence shell. It became a really blossoming experience at CI,” said Mora.

He joined Model United Nations, which is run by Grove, a Professor of Political Science, and Christopher Scholl, a Political Science Lecturer. Through Model U.N., Mora learned how to properly conduct research and discuss and expand on global topics. It also allowed him to travel to San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.

“Model U.N. showed me that I can do more with what I have and to have more confidence. You know, I wasn’t a stronger reader because I have ADD, so I was just trying to get in and out of college,” said Mora. “But that experience and Dr. Grove really pushed me into this discussion of furthering my education and getting my master’s.”

After graduating from CSUCI, Mora earned a master’s in international affairs at Pennsylvania State University. Mora credits his preparedness and success at Penn State to the lessons his faculty members from CSUCI and Model U.N. instilled in him.

“The tools that I was given at CI were immensely important, and I was given all the opportunities and tools to succeed in graduate school,” said Mora.

Mora is now working as an office administrator for a medical manufacturer. He conducts business research, facilitates international trade and interacts with new clients abroad. He’d like to transition to a research position at a foreign policy think tank and pursue a doctorate degree. 

“Going to CSUCI turned out to be one of the largest saving graces of my life,” said Mora. “It changed the trajectory of my path tenfold.”

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