Tiana Schisler

By Stephanie Villafuerte,
English major, Communication minor
Communication & Marketing Intern

Tiana Schisler’s motivation to attend college was something she developed on her own. The Oxnard native grew up with a single mother who didn’t see higher education as a priority. So it was Schisler’s interest in the unknown that led her to pursue a degree.

“I’ve always been curious and motivated to discover,” said Schisler. “I was lucky enough to have a mother who supported me with my decisions even if she didn’t fully know why I was making them or how to support me.”

After a few years in community college, Schisler transferred to CSUCI where she was drawn to the campus’ close-knit student community.

“Having small class sizes and really getting to know my faculty encouraged me to continue to build relationships beyond the classroom,” Schisler explained. “The connections I made led to opportunities I don’t think I would’ve had anywhere else.”

These bonds inspired Schisler to be involved with campus life—she became a resident advisor for Anacapa Village and worked for the Leaders in Education Awareness Program (LEAP).

The first-generation student received her B.A. in Communication with a Business/Non-profit emphasis. She attributes her unforgettable moments to Professor of Communication Traceylee Clarke, Ph.D.

“She gave us opportunities to take real life skills and apply them,” Schisler recollected. “I took those skills into grad school and developed them even further with some social work techniques that I use regularly.”

Schisler adds that she wouldn’t have applied for grad school without the help of Amanda Carpenter, Director of Career Development and Alumni Engagement.

“She had me think about the long-term impacts grad school could have on creating a better life for myself,” Schisler said. “[She] encouraged me to follow my dreams.”

Schisler’s dreams led her to the University of Southern California, where she received her master’s degree in Social Work.

Her grad school experience sparked her interest in pursuing a career in human resources.

“I was working in the employee engagement space of field work, but I also had a part-time job working in a career center where I coordinated recruiters,” Schisler explained. “I really fell in love with these two areas, and it made me want to explore the HR world even more.”

Today, Schisler works as the Director of HR & Talent Acquisition at mPulse Mobile, a company which supports clients by delivering healthcare messages with content for the streaming age.

She ensures mPulse Mobile runs smoothly by hiring and managing its employees. She makes the effort to communicate with her staff on a daily basis, ensuring their needs are heard.

“I have meetings that range from strategizing on engagement efforts, serving as a thought partner for managers, interviewing candidates, leading committees and even onboarding new hires.”

Schisler plans to write a children’s book and continue her work in HR with hopes of higher leadership positions within recruitment or employee engagement.

Her advice to those interested in the field of HR and new grads is that of a friend:

“It’s important to remain curious and open as no day is ever the same and it’s okay to not always have the answers. Keep your mind fresh by always researching and taking time to learn new things. You never know where your connections may lead you. Be bold, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there on LinkedIn, it can be a powerful tool if you maximize it.

“I made connections with faculty, friends, mentors and leaders at CSUCI that carried me through to the next steps. And going to grad school, it was like starting all over, but I did the same thing. Think about where you want to be and who can you really lean on to help you get there.”

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