Sensitive positions or positions of trust are those which require heightened scrutiny, based on the potential for harm to children, and the concern for the safety and security of the people, property and fiscal integrity of the University. These positions can be held by staff, faculty and volunteers.

The increase in need for, and placement of, designated volunteers has created significant liability exposure for the University. To mitigate this exposure, it is recommended that robust background checks be conducted, including Live Scans.

Live Scanning is a process by which fingerprints are collected electronically and transmitted to the California Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The California Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation conduct thorough criminal background checks and return a report of findings to the identified Custodian of Records. Reports of findings are typically generated electronically in 72 hours.

Based on the report, the Custodian of Records and Human Resources determine if the individual is fit to work with minors or in other positions of trust. Reports on findings cannot be released to anyone.

The Risk Manager serves as a central point of contact for the initiation of Live Scans, and as the Custodian of Records.

The CSU Channel Islands Police Department provides the service of print collection for University staff and designated volunteers. Departments referring staff and volunteers for finger printing are responsible for the cost of the Live Scan.  That cost is $69.00. 

Live Scan applicants must indicate their department's accounting string on the Miscellaneous Number line located on the Request for Live Scan Service form.

Live Scan applicants must take three completed Request for Live Scan Service forms to their print collection appointment.  Appointments for fingerprinting can be made by calling 805-437-8430.

The CSU Channel Islands Police Department does not collect or transmit fingerprints for the general public.

Please contact Risk Management to request a Live Scan Service form.

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