All University volunteers must be formally recognized. To be a designated University volunteer, an individual must complete a "Volunteer Designation Form" (PDF, 116KB), and sign an "Identified Risks of Participation Form" (PDF, 73KB).

It is imperative that the start and end dates of volunteer service be noted on the Volunteer Designation form.

The original forms should be sent to Risk Management.

Managing Volunteers

The University must commit sufficient resources for effective management of the volunteers. Volunteers should be trained and supervised. Management and training of University volunteers should be documented.

Volunteer management should include:

  • providing written rules and job descriptions for volunteers
  • recruiting and screening in a responsible manner (similar to regular employee recruiting and screening procedures)
  • Providing appropriate and adequate supervision
  • Evaluating risks and safety concerns and mitigating them through training, preparation, and provision of proper equipment

Volunteer training should include:

  • A discussion regarding assignment risks and how to minimize them
  • Ensuring volunteers know University rules, including rules regarding behavior and conduct
  • Ensuring that volunteers understand the duties and responsibilities associated with their assignments