Individuals who volunteer their time and expertise to CSU Channel Islands provide important services to the University and its surrounding communities. In turn, these volunteers gain valuable experience and a sense of personal satisfaction from performing such services. Volunteers may perform a variety of functions in support of campus activities. A volunteer may perform work or provide services without compensation for a quarter, semester, academic year, calendar year, session, or any part thereof. It is not the intent that volunteers replace or supplant the work performed by CSU employees (represented or non-represented). CSU staff and faculty volunteers who are compensated for their time are not required to register through this process. For additional details please see the CSU Volunteer Policy in the Resources section below.

Volunteer Registration

Participation in CI's Volunteer Program should be initiated and requested by a direct supervisor or an appropriate delegate. Please use the following link:

Adobe Sign - CI Volunteer Registration Form

The completion of training and/or a background check may be required depending on the volunteer assignment. All parties will be notified via AdobeSign if the volunteer registration request has been approved. Volunteers should not begin volunteering until the appointment  has been approved by Risk Management.

Managing Volunteers

The University must commit sufficient resources for effective management of the volunteers. Volunteers should be trained and supervised by the requesting Department's Supervisors. Management and training of University volunteers should be documented.

Volunteer management should include:

  • Providing written rules and job descriptions for volunteers
  • Recruiting and screening in a responsible manner (similar to regular employee recruiting and screening procedures)
  • Providing appropriate and adequate supervision
  • Evaluating risks and safety concerns and mitigating them through training, preparation, and provision of proper equipment

Volunteer training should include:

  • A discussion regarding assignment risks and how to minimize them
  • Ensuring volunteers know University rules, including rules regarding behavior and conduct
  • Ensuring that volunteers understand the duties and responsibilities associated with their assignments
  • Driver Program (for volunteers who will be driving University vehicles, powered carts or personal vehicles for business purposes)


CSU Volunteer Policy(PDF, 450KB)

CSU Background Check Policy(PDF, 584KB)

Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect (EO 1083)

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