Teaching & Learning Innovations is offering multiple opportunities for you to learn about CI Learn, aka Canvas. In addition to the robust Canvas Guides available online, we have developed some resources to help get you started. We will also be offering online and in-person learning opportunities. Check our events calendar to stay up to date with our current offerings.

Learning Resources

Canvas 101 Self-Paced Course

Official Canvas Instructor Guides

TLi Canvas Knowledge Base & How-to's


- Some information sourced from CSUN

Why Canvas?

In Spring 2016, three LMSs were evaluated as part of a CSU system-wide evaluation. Canvas outperformed the other two systems. Members of the T&LI team at CI were part of the evaluation team and believe that Canvas will be a good fit for CI. For students, Canvas offers an enhanced, contemporary learning experience. For faculty, Canvas offers superior performance in terms of ease-of-use, analytics, grading, course migrations and openness. During the Spring 2017 semester, CI conducted a Canvas pilot.


Michael McGarry
Academic Technology Lead

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