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Henry L. "Hank" Lacayo Institute Internship Program

The Hank Lacayo Institute (HLI) invites area employers to participate in the HLI Internship Program. The goal: to provide our students with real-life, real-time paid experience in an occupational setting related to what they are studying, and to provide area businesses with talent-in-training at no cost to the employer. Our students are ready to join area businesses, non-profits, and city and county government to learn from you and to contribute to you.

Funding from the Hank Lacayo Institute Internship Program provides area employers with a CI student from the appropriate academic area or with the appropriate skill set, screened by our office of Career Development Services. All student applicants must be nominated by a CI faculty or staff member. Nominated student applicants provide evidence of strong academic performance (a GPA of 3.0 or above and junior-level standing), as well as letters of reference. All students in the HLI Internship Program will be expected to contribute a minimum of 120 hours of service to the employer/mentor over the course of the 16-week semester. Students may opt to receive academic credit (generally credit/no credit) in their discipline for the Internship Program.

All HLI internships follow University practice regarding internship guidelines. That is, through the HLI, employers must propose a brief description of the internship duties, and what the student might be expected to provide for the employer. Once the student is identified, the student, a senior representative of the partner agency or corporation and the University procurement officer as designated signature authority will sign an internship agreement. If the student wishes to receive academic credit, s/he will need permission from the appropriate program chair. The HLI Internship agreement should list the learning goals of the internship and the duties and responsibilities of each party, notifying the student of the assignment of liability, terms and conditions and the listing of relevant agency policies, and the date the internship begins. This includes mention of whether the intern is paid and conditions for receiving academic credit. The Institute and the appropriate academic program (if applicable) will maintain a file of the aforementioned signed forms.

Benefits of Participation

  • A pre-screened, well-qualified and eager student in your field
  • A potentially cost-effective recruiting tool
  • An opportunity to provide one on one mentoring and make a real difference in a student's life
  • A possibility to use the student intern for special projects that you could not otherwise complete
  • A creative and skilled worker who can bring new skills and creative ideas to your organization

How to Apply

We have placed all of our interns for our fall cohort. Employers interested in being considered for a Spring 2016 placement should complete the online application by December 18, 2015. Please note, the application requests an attached document including the following:

  1. Brief description and mission of the organization/company
  2. Intern qualifications and skills requested
  3. Internship description including role and responsibilities

Online Application

For more information, please contact:

Henry L. "Hank" Lacayo Institute Internship Program Team

Gary Cushing ImageGary Cushing, M.P.P.A.
HLI Internship Associate

Tel: 805-377-9120

Amanda Carpenter, Ed.D.
Assistant Director of Career Development Services
& Henry L. "Hank" Lacayo Institute Internship Program
Tel: 805-437-3565

Fax: 805-437-8899

CSU Channel Islands
One University Drive, Bell Tower 1521
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