• Dan Wakelee

    Provost and Vice President, Interim for Academic Affairs

    Location: Bell Tower 2184
    Phone: 805-437-8441

    Email: dan.wakelee@csuci.edu
  • scottf

    Scott Frisch

    AVP, Interim for Academic Planning and Undergraduate Initiatives

    Location: Bell Tower 2175
    Phone: 805-437-2770

    Email: scott.frisch@csuci.edu
  • Beth Hartung

    Assistant Provost

    Location: Bell Tower 2168
    Phone: 805-437-3274

    Email: elizabeth.hartung@csuci.edu

AVPs listed in Alphabetical order by Department

  • jimbo

    James Meriwether

    Dean, Interim for Arts and Sciences

    Location: Madera Hall 2304
    Phone: 805-437-8986

    Email: james.meriwether@csuci.edu
  • Hung Dang

    AVP for Enrollment Management

    Location: Sage 1st floor
    Phone: 805-437-8580
    Fax: 805-437-8859

    Email: hung.dang@csuci.edu
  • Gary Berg

    Dean, Extended University

    Location: Sage Hall 2015
    Phone: 805-437-8580
    Fax: 805-437-8859

    Email: gary.berg@csuci.edu
  • Amy Wallace

    Dean of John Spoor Broome Library and AVP for Continuous Improvement

    Location: Madera Hall 2610
    Phone: 805-437-8911
    Fax: 805-437-8569

    Email: amy.wallace@csuci.edu
  • Merilyn Buchanan

    Dean, Interim for the School of Education

    Location: Madera Hall 1361
    Phone: 805-437-8579

  • William Cordeiro

    Dean, MVS School of Business and Economics

    Location: Sage Hall 2011
    Phone: 805-437-8860

    Email: william.cordeiro@csuci.edu
  • Jason E. Miller

    Senior Research Officer

    Location: Madera Hall 1302
    Phone: 805-437-8898

    Email: jason.miller@csuci.edu
  • Karen Gundelfinger

    Executive Administrative Assistant

    Location: Bell Tower 2188
    Phone: 805-437-8441
    Fax: 805-437-2717

    Email: karen.gundelfinger@csuci.edu