The University Writing & Multiliteracy Center's mission is to support all members of the CI community with their writing at any stage of the composing process. Our peer writing tutors can assist students with academic projects, helping them to understand and brainstorm, organize their essays, develop and document their ideas, and learn to polish and edit their own papers. We offer a learning resource, not an editing service. Students are also welcome to bring in other types of written work, such as résumés and letters of application. The center's services are free of charge.


Questions about writing at CI? Check out the Campus Writing Guide


 Spring 2015 Hours

The University Writing & Multiliteracy Center is open:

Monday—Thursday:   9am – 7pm

Friday: 9 am -2 pm

We will offer extended hours for the last month of the semester. 

*** Please note that the University Writing and Multiliteracy Center is closed during winter break, spring break, summer break, and all University holidays ***


John Spoore Broome Library, Room 2675*
*This is next to the second floor bridge going towards the Town Center


  • While drop-ins are welcome, we encourage you to make an appointment.
    • Students can make up to two appointments per week and are allowed one drop-in tutoring session per day. Students are limited to one appointment and one drop-in per day.
    • For an appointment, you may
      • visit us at the center (for immediate assistance)
      • call (805) 437-8934 (during business hours)
      • send us an appointment request (will take longer to process)
  • In our ongoing effort to better serve all CI students, the Center is expanding its email tutoring services. Email tutoring is reserved for those students who have some reason that makes them unable to visit the Center in person. If you have an extenuating circumstance such as living far from campus, a full time job, or child-care concerns that preclude you from coming to campus, please
    • email with a brief explanation of your need for email services.
      • NOTE: Please do NOT attach your paper to your request for services.
    • In order to be approved for email tutoring, please allow us 1-2 business days to respond (longer for weekends).
    • Once your reason is confirmed, and you are approved for this service, please note that it will take up to 1-2 business days for your paper to be returned to you with feedback.

Services for Students with Disabilities

The UWC strives to serve all CI students and accommodate their diverse learning needs. We work collaboratively with The Disability Resource Program to provide services for students who are registered with the Disability Resource Programs. Students who are eligible to receive extended test time as one of their accommodations in their classes are eligible to receive similar services in the center. Simply provide a copy of your EAC Faculty Notification Letter to the UWC director to confirm your eligibility. All disability related information will remain confidential. Please note that all students, with or without disabilities, must adhere to the center's policies and procedures.

Contact Information

Sohui Lee Faculty Director, 
University & Multiliteracy Center
(805) 437-2762

Kathleen Klompien, Ph.D.
Writing Center Director
(805) 437-2762


Appointments and other questions:
(805) 437-8934