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Mission of the Center

At the Writing and Multiliteracy Center (WMC), students, faculty, and staff are provided with a range of free support services and programs that help them address 21st Century challenges of thinking, learning, communicating, and composing in diverse environments, especially through written, oral, visual, and digital modalities.  While currently we support tutorials on written work, our ultimate goal is to foster a robust culture of writing and communication at CI.

WMC supports all members of the CI community with free academic or personal writing support at any stage of the composing process.  Our peer writing tutors assist students with a range of topics related to writing and communication including:

  • reviewing and understanding prompts, 
  • brainstorming creatively,
  • developing a strong thesis,
  • understanding audience,
  • strategically organizing essays, 
  • documenting and integrating relevant evidence,  
  • revising and revising practices,
  • writing anxiety or getting over writer's block, and
  • presenting an effective ethos as an academic writer.

We help students working on any writing in any discipline: from freshman composition essays to senior capstone projects.   Students are also welcome to bring in other types of non-academic written work, such as résumés, letters of application, and personal statements for fellowships or graduate school applications. The WMC aims to offer students opportunities learn, develop, and sharpen writing and communication skills as it matures throughout their stay at CI.  

In addition, we support faculty through consultations,  feedback on syllabi and assignments, and workshops.  All inquiries related to faculty support should be sent to the Faculty Director, Sohui Lee (sohui.lee@csuci.edu).

Hours for Fall 2015

Monday          10am-6pm
Tuesday          10am-6pm
Wednesday    10am-8pm
Thursday        10am-8pm
Friday              10am-3pm

The Writing and Multiliteracy Center is currently closed.

*** Please note that the WMC is closed during winter break, spring break, summer break, and all University holidays ***


John Spoore Broome Library, Room 2675*
*This is next to the second floor bridge going towards the Town Center

Services for Students

30-min Writing Consultation Sessions

Students can sign up for a writing consultation by making an appointment or "dropping in" at the Center.  Drop In consultations are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Appointments guarantee your session, and we recommend that students make an appointments, especially during busy days or weeks in the semester.

Students are limited to two 30-min appointments per week and one drop-in tutoring session (up to one hour) per day. 

For an appointment, you may:

  • visit TutorTrac (http://tutortrac.csuci.edu) 
  • visit us at the Center (for immediate assistance)
  • call (805) 437-8934 (during business hours) or send us an appointment request (will take longer to process)

Online Writing Consultations  

The WMC Center provides online writing consultations for students unable to visit the Center in person.  If you have an extenuating circumstance such as studying abroad, living far from campus, a full time job, or child-care concerns that preclude you from coming to campus, please email writing.tutors@csuci.edu with a brief explanation of your need for online consultation services and preference for days and times.  Normal tutoring hours and rules apply for online writing consultations, so please check tutor availability on TutorTrac.

Speaking Groups

We provide safe, tutor-facilitated speaking groups for students interested in talking candidly about or learning new skills in speaking in academic contexts, whether it is oral presentations, in-class discussions, or talking to your professor and peers!  Bring questions and topics to talk about--but also bring a mindset to actively improve your skills.  Your peers and your tutor can help you identify strategies to work effectively in a variety of speaking situations.  You can attend one or as many sessions as you like, but registration is required.  If you are interested joining a speaking group, please contact the Faculty Director.

Starting a Writing Group

Interested in starting a successful writing group that effectively helps each member achieve their personal writing goals?  Writing groups have been increasing popular with students working on long research projects such as masters or dissertation theses; however, there are many predictable pitfalls, including conflicts of personalities and expectations, differences in goals and commitment.  If you'd like to learn more about effectively starting a writing group or would like a workshop on writing groups, please contact the Faculty Director.

Services for Students with Disabilities

The WMC strives to serve all CI students and accommodate their diverse learning needs. We work collaboratively with The Disability Resource Program to provide services for students who are registered with the Disability Resource Programs. Students who are eligible to receive extended test time as one of their accommodations in their classes are eligible to receive similar services in the Center. Simply provide a copy of your EAC Faculty Notification Letter to the WMC Faculty Director to confirm your eligibility.  All disability related information will remain confidential. Please note that all students, with or without disabilities, must adhere to the WMC's policies and procedures.

News and Events

The Writing and Multiliteracy Center has a new Faculty Director and Assistant Professor, Sohui Lee.

Questions about writing at CI? Check out the Campus Writing Guide

Contact Information

Sohui Lee, Ph.D.
Faculty Director and Assistant Professor
Writing and Multiliteracy Center
(805) 437-2057

Kathleen Klompien, Ph.D.
Director of Writing
Writing and Multiliteracy Center
(805) 437-2762

Appointments and other questions:
(805) 437-8934