Video Message From Justice Carlos Moreno

The ATI has attracted the attention of advocates for inclusion of students with disabilities, who are very pleased with our policy and the hard work that so many are engaged in on our campuses. One of our supporters is Justice Carlos Moreno of the California Supreme Court. He recently allowed us to videotape a short speech that is targeted to the CSU faculty and broader community, congratulating us on our efforts. The message is both timely and uplifting.

To view this video, please download the free Apple Quicktime software.

To view, please try this alternate link to "Think" video (you may also right click and save target as to save the video to your hard drive).
To play the Justice Moreno video with closed captions, open the ' moreno-with-caption.smil' file with Quicktime Player.
To play the video without captions, open the '' (see link above) file with either Quicktime Player or RealPlayer.