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Updated: 2010-05-11

Program Goal

The goal of the One Card program is to facilitate access to funds, facilities and services for the University community via an integrated, card-based identification system, while ensuring compliance with University and systemwide standards, policies, and applicable laws.

Terms & Definitions

DolphinOne Card is the name of the student and employee campus identification & transaction card. This card combines magnetic swipe and contactless smart-card technology to enable access to card-enabled facilities and services.

Guest Card is the name of the guest transaction card. This card will typically be available for purchase at various campus locations and will use a magnetic swipe to provide access to card-enabled services.

Card Services is the campus organization initially consisting of ITS, Budget and Cashier employees that will provide ongoing planning & support card-related issues; long-term, the campus will need to have permanent, dedicated staff in order to provide good customer service and maximize potential benefit from the card.

Phase 1 - Critical (Spring-Summer 2010)

  1. Core Card & System Configuration
    1. Selection of new card technology for DolphinOne and Guest cards
    2. Design of new DolphinOne and Guest card
    3. Obtain new cards from vendor
    4. Install & configure updated BlackBoard Transaction System (BBTS)
    5. Determine & configure account containers (buckets) to hold funds for various services
    6. Budget processes for reconciliation of payments for USU, campus food services, and Pharos copy/print
  2. Campus Dining Integration
    1. Install & configure terminals for purchase of goods/services at USU and Dining Commons food service
    2. Install & configure terminals for purchase of goods/services at USU student store
  3. Card Services and Support
    1. Determine & document organizational process for card support
    2. Create Terms of Service agreement for DolphinOne Card
    3. Document support processes for Card Services, including issue of new cards, guest card purchase, PHIL station management
    4. Create & publish Card Services Web site
  4. PHIL Stations
    1. Installation and configuration of PHIL stations for Guest Card issue and re-charging (Library and USU)
    2. Installation and configuration of PHIL stations for DolphinOne re-charging (Library and USU)
  5. PHAROS Phase 1 - Upgrade
    1. Upgrade PHAROS system and integrate with BBTS
    2. Configure upgraded PHAROS print and copying in University Library using DolphinOne and Guest cards

Phase 2  - High Priority (Fall 2010-Spring 2011)

  1. Campus Re-Carding: replacement of existing ID cards with new Dolphin One Cards.
  2. PHAROS Phase 2: roll out PHAROS print/copy to selected campus locations
  3. Reporting: Create necessary reports for budget managers and card system administrators
  4. Integration with CashNet & CFS: to enable OneCard Self-Service (see #5)
  5. OneCard Self-Service v1.0: create secure web application in myCI to add funds, view "bucket" balances and print out transaction history
  6. Refine Card Services support processes, such as account dispute, suspension/deactivation/closing, card re-issue, and refunds
  7. Barcode integration (on-card printing) for new DolphinOne cards, for use in Library checkout

Phase 3 - Medium Priority (2011)

  1. PHAROS Phase 3: roll out PHAROS print/copy to remaining campus locations
  2. Barcode integration (on-card printing) for Guest Cards, for Library checkout
  3. OneCard Self-Service v2.0: updates to web application to enable lost/stolen/damaged card reporting & suspension
  4. New construction physical/building access integration with card system
  5. University Glen: enable card purchases at U Glen lessee locations.

Phase 4 - Low Priority / As Needed (2011 and beyond)

  1. PHAROS ongoing: Add PHAROS copy/printing locations as needed
  2. Student Activities Remote Access: Integration with remote/wireless POS for campus events
  3. Physical/Building Access
    1. Integrate with existing construction (as needed)
    2. Upgrade & integrate with campus housing
    3. Integrate with new construction
  4. Gift Cards
    1. Define support processes for "gift" cards, including issue, deactivation, and refunds
    2. Select, design and obtain "gift" cards from vendor
    3. Create “gift” card accounts and funding procedures
    4. Sell "gift" cards at various campus locations
  5. Library Enhancements: Further integration for Library services with DolphinOne and guest cards (e.g., proximity sensors in lieu of bar codes, etc)
  6. Vending and POS Enhancements:
    1. Integration with on-campus vending
    2. Integration with laundry in Student Housing on-campus
    3. Integration with point-of-sale (POS) systems for off-campus vendors
  7. Recreation Center Access: enabling access to Recreation Center facilities and services
  8. Ventura County public transit integration: to enable DolphinOne Card holder to use their card for public transit 
  9. Bicycle Loan access: check-out/check-in of bicycles for proposed at various locations 
  10. Parking integration: access to parking lots

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