The Springs fire, which occurred early in May 2013, completely surrounded the campus and burnt much of the above-ground vegetation. The list below consists of 50 bird species known to occur on campus, with the majority being casually observed post-fire. A strategic study to quantify the avian diversity at CI began in October 2013. As monitoring proceeds a more accurate count of avian biodiversity will be established. With vegetation recovery it is expected that more species will return and this initial list will likely more than double.

Degrees of occurrence are based on casual observations from 2005 by Dr. A. Chapman.

C = COMMON, easily seen in proper habitat
FC = FAIRLY COMMON, usually seen in proper habitat
U = UNCOMMON, difficult to find or occurs in low numbers in proper habitat

Timing of occurrences is from Ventura Audubon Society (2007) as follows:

R = resident all year round
S = summer visitor
W = winter visitor

Common NameOccurrenceScientific NameImage
American CootCRFulica americana
American CrowCRCorvus brachyrhynchos
American KestrelCRFalco sparverius
American RobinCRTurdus migratorius
Anna's HummingbirdCRCalypte anna
Barn OwlCRTyto alba
Barn SwallowCRHirundo rustica
Bewick's WrenCRThryomanes bewickii
Black PhoebeCRSayornis nigricans
Black-crowned Night-HeronCRNycticorax nycticorax
Blue GrosbeakUSPasserina caerulea
Blue-gray GnatcherCRPolioptila caerulea
BushtitCRPsaltriparus minimus
California QuailCRCallipepla california
California ThrasherCRToxostoma redivivum
California TowheeCRPipilo crissalis
Cassin's KingbirdCRTyrannus vociferans
Cliff SwallowCRPetrochelidon pyrrhonota
Common RavenCRCorvus corax
Common YellowthroatCRGeothlypis trichas
Cooper's HawkUAccipiter cooperi
Dark-eyed JuncoCRJunco hyemalis
Double-crested CormorantCRPhalacrocorax auritus
Eurasian Collared DoveCRStreptopelia decaocto
European StarlingCRSturnus vulgaris
Great Blue HeronCRArdea herodias
House FinchCRHaemorphous mexicanus
House SparrowCRPasser domesticus
KilldeerCRCharadrius vociferus
Lesser GoldfinchCRSpinus psaltria
Loggerhead ShrikeCRLanius ludovicianus
MallardCRAnas platyrhnochos
Mourning DoveCRZenaida macroura
Northern MockingbirdCRMimus polyglottos
Nuttall's WoodpeckerCRPicoides nuttallii
OspreyUPandion halieaetus
Red-tailed HawkCRButeo jamaicensis
Red-winged BlackbirdCRAgelaius phoeniceus
Ruby-crowned KingletCRRegulus calendula
Say's PhoebeCWSayornis saya
Snowy EgretCREgretta thula
Spotted TowheeCRPipilo maculatus
Turkey VultureCRCathartes aura
Western GullCRLarus occidentalis
Western Scrub-JayCRAphelocoma californica
White-crowned SparrowCWZonotrichia leucophrys
White-faced IbisFCWPlegadis chini
White-tailed KiteFCRElanus leucurus
WrentitCRChamaea fasciata
Yellow-rumped WarblerCWSetophaga coronata