Center for International Affairs

Welcome to the Center for International Affairs (CIA). The primary mission of the CIA is to internationalize the Cal State Channel Islands educational experience. As stated in the University mission, CI is dedicated to “graduating students with a multicultural and international perspective.” We have fostered links with higher educational institutions from around the world to support the effort of furthering our mission. Here you may easily explore the programs and services available through our office. 

The Center for International Affairs Advisory Committee AY 2022-2023

Faculty Director:
Andrea Grove > Political Science (Spring 2025)
Faculty Members:
Jacob Jenkins > Communication; at-large (Spring 2024)
KuanFen Lui > Performing Arts; at large (Spring 2024)
Lydia Dixon > Health Science; at large (Spring 2023)
Hanni Jalil > History; at large (Spring 2023)
Kimmy Kee-Rose > Psychology; at large (Spring 2024)
Maria Ballesteros-Sola;  ACIP Representative (Spring 2024)
Kristen Dobson
University Advancement:
International Programs Representative:
 Mayumi Kowta
Community Members:
Riitta Karava-Andonian
Denise Ridley

Advisory Committee Meetings Fall 2022

The CIA Advisory Committee is currently meeting in a Zoom meeting room. Contact the Mission Based Centers Coordinator, Jeannette Edwards for more information. 

LOCATION: CIA Zoom Meeting Room
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