UNIV 392 International Experience Courses

Thank you for your excitement and dedication of time and resources to help facilitate an unforgettable international experience for our students. Short-Term Travel Study Abroad courses provide opportunities for students to earn credit for short-term travel and study in a country outside the US, where the student is immersed in a foreign culture.

View information related to UNIV 392 courses and submitting a proposal. 

Other Courses with International Travel 

Facutly, submit your application to the Center for International Affairs for courses that involve international travel with students.

International Faculty Development Grant

Call for Proposals are currently being accepted for the Center for International Affairs 2nd International Faculty Development Grant. Applications are due October 15, 2018. The Center for International Affairs created the grant to pay for international travel to assist in the development of new UNIV392 courses. The award is open to all programs and funded by the Center for International Affairs. 

Request for Proposals (MS Word, 17.8KB)


 The CSU International Programs Resident Director

Openings for International Programs (2020-2021) Resident Directors

Deadline December 1
    • University of Aix-Marseille III, Aix-en-Provence and MICEFA, Paris (Resident Director is base in Aix and oversees both programs)
  2. SPAIN
    • Univeristy of Granada and the University of Madrid (Resident Director is based in Madrid and oversees both programs)
Deadline December 1