International Education Exchange Council

What is IEEC?

IEEC is a student organization, which maintains a goal of supporting international education and exchange at CSUCI. The organization helps bring together students studying at CSUCI from other countries, and American students who seek to study abroad or who have returned from a foreign study program. We also welcome anyone committed to international education and exchange. Throughout each semester, the IEEC hosts various events. While having a strong relationship with the university's Center for International Affairs, the IEEC aids in several administrative functions for the university. For example, members of the IEEC are essential to the success of the orientation program held before each semester for international and exchange students. We are always looking for volunteers.

What do we do?

Bringing together members and breathing life into the organization, IEEC activities are important in both accomplishing our goals and having fun while getting a chance to connect with others. Social events provide for a fun and relaxing atmosphere in which members may meet each other for the first time, and quite often, make long and impacting relationships.


Spread the enthusiasm! The International Educational Exchange Council depends on its members for all activities. It is free to join, and the possibilities for your active role are limitless. During both semesters, information tables provide and ideal way to promote the IEEC. You may be surprised at how many students are interested in obtaining information about studying abroad. Members also can help by handing out brochures, posting flyers, and referring interested students to scheduled information meetings. The Fall semester includes the International Education Week, and orientation for the new international students. Spring Semester includes the application and interview process for the study abroad applicants and the international students and program alumni are invited to be a part of the committee.

Get Involved!

Get "enrolled" in the IEEC blackboard course. On this site, you can chat with students who are currently participating on a study abroad program, program alumni, or international students. Find out more at the next Study Abroad Information Meeting. You can also write to with your first and last name and dolphin email address and you will be added to the "course".  You can login at

Club Advisors

Jessica Cortez, President, Center for International Affairs

Mayumi Kowta, Associate Director, Center for International Affairs