Everywhere we went was truly an amazing experience. Very welcoming and informative. I learned a lot! Great trip!

Met great people, tasted new food, saw another world, learned a new culture, visited business and learned key facts you can't find on google or in a text book. Truly an amazing experience that I will never forget.

For all of the business majors on the trip...it really showed us why Taiwan should be an option for us in the future. Moreover, I think being able to talk to the intern at AIT was unbelievably beneficial. We didn't plan on speaking to her in the first place, but it gave us some perspective into what it would be like for us to move/work in Taiwan all while identifying with someone closer to our demographic.

What did you learn on this program that you couldn’t learn at CI?

I don't know how to answer this question...Everything? Food, culture, design, travel, interpersonal skills, distilling, trade, manufacturing. The list is never ending, but honestly...it was like a quick internship if I were to sum it up in short. We got real world, real hands on experience, with real business people, and a really different culture. All of those may be found at Channel Islands, but it forced us to step outside of our boxes and truly indulge.

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