Mission of CMS

The mission of the California State University's Common Management Systems (CMS) project is to provide efficient, effective, high quality service to students, faculty, and staff.

This mission will be accomplished in part through the achievement of the "target administrative environment" by the year 2008. By 2008, Channel Islands and the CSU campuses will:

  • Perform administrative functions in concert with a common set of administrative "best practices" approaches.
  • Support administrative functions (initially including human resources, financials, and student services) with a shared, common suite of Oracle/PeopleSoft applications software.
  • Operate the administrative software suite at a shared data center.

At Channel Islands, CMS is branded as CI Records for administrative and student administrative information systems and CI Financials for our financial information system.  You may find additional information by linking to the CI Records and CI Financials information pages.

Technical Support

Technical support for CI Records and CI Financials is provided by Application Services.  Please visit the Application Services home page for additional information about their support and services.

The campus continues to expand the role of CMS on campus to allow for a fully integrated approach to the campus administrative, student and financial systems.

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