Recommended File Types

The University graphic elements are available in three formats for commercial printing, digital output, computer presentations and word processing programs:

  • Adobe Illustrator .EPS
  • Adobe Photoshop .TIF
  • Adobe Acrobat .PDF

The Adobe Illustrator .EPS and .PDF files are vector-based file formats and are compatible with most desktop publishing and graphic design programs. These files can be enlarged or reduced without compromising resolution since they are line-art quality.

For web based graphics, powerpoint presentations and word processing programs use:

  • Adobe Photoshop .JPG

The Adobe Photoshop .JPG is a compressed version of an Adobe Photoshop file. Pixel-based files are resolution dependent, and it is best to use the highest resolution possible for the best quality. The clarity of the file is determined by the number of pixels per inch.

Consult the software documentation to determine the appropriate graphic format to use with the software. Most programs require the graphic to be "placed" or "inserted" into the file. Modification of the files is prohibited.

  • Internal Campus Users: Files for the CI Formal Logo and CI Spirit logo are available on the University network Public drive (Z) > Logos folder.
  • External Campus Users: Please contact Communication & Marketing at 805-437-8915 or email to request the appropriate files.
  • Adobe Photoshop .TIF files may be requested by email to

Quick Tips

  • Programs such as Microsoft Word or Powerpoint require the art file to be "Inserted" into the document.
  • Programs such as Adobe InDesign or Illustrator require the art file to be "Placed" into the document.
  • DO NOT: Open the art file in a viewing program then copy and paste it into a document. The result will be low resolution interpretation and blurry graphics.
  • DO: Save the art file to your computer and access the file when prompted to locate it while "inserting" or "placing" it.