The recommended heading/title typeface for all official documents associated with the University is Gill Sans MT.

  • Gill Sans MT may be purchased online.
  • Alternatives to Gill Sans MT are Prenton RP Pro and Arial.

The recommended main text typeface for all official documents associated with the University is Times New Roman.

  • Times New Roman is a standard typeface and should be available on most computer systems.
  • Alternatives to Times New Roman are Chaparral Pro and Bodini MT.

Examples of Gill Sans MT, Prenton, Arial, Times New Roman, Chapparal and Bodini.


The official colors of California State University Channel Islands are Pantone Matching System (PMS) 186 Red and PMS 877 Metallic Silver. Since metallic silver may not be appropriate for some publications, the recommended substitute is PMS Cool Grey 11.

As with the other official symbols of the University, the school colors have an important significance. The red is consistent with the tradition of the region, including the lush fields of strawberries that are part of the diverse agricultural region. The silver is for the dolphin, the official University mascot.

Please note that because of variation in printer color output, the examples to the right may not correspond exactly with the official PMS colors. Please consult a Pantone color guide or a qualified printer when trying to match the colors.

Pantone chips - 186, 877 and Cool Grey 11.




PMS 186  (Red)
Process Mix Equivalent  C = 11  M = 100  Y = 85  K = 2
RGB Equivalent  R = 210  G = 31  B = 54

PMS 877 (Metallic Silver)
Process Mix Equivalent  C = 47  M = 37  Y = 36  K = 2
RGB Equivalent  R = 142  G = 146  B = 149

PMS Cool Grey 11
Process Mix Equivalent  
C = 0  M = 2  Y = 0  K = 68
RGB Equivalent  
R = 113  G = 112  B = 116

Process Mix Equivalent = Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black Printing Ink
RGB Equivalent = Red, Green, Blue for Web/Computer Monitors/Mobile Devices