Our University thrives on continuous improvement, which is comprised of the processes of assessment, program review, and accreditation activities.  As a student-centered institution, continuous improvement is especially important to CI, as it allows us to be responsive to changing student needs in any individual classroom, within an academic program, and at the University-level, while additionally feeding into to our WASC accreditation.  With our Interim Report due to WASC in March 2021 and reaccreditation on the horizon, everyone can contribute to these ongoing efforts in different ways.  Individual faculty members who strive to continually improve their teaching practices can implement assessment of student learning outcomes in their courses to inform intentional pedagogical changes that respond to student needs (as well as providing useful information to their program about how student learning is happening in the classroom).  Programs, too, in the spirit of change and in the service of their transformation and growth, can implement a variety of program-level assessment initiatives to examine how the overall program learning outcomes are being achieved, which can serve as an important part of the program review process.  All of these efforts help identify and improve high-impact learning that is happening across campus, and they constitute demonstrable evidence that can be used in WASC accreditation reporting.  Intentional actions of continuous improvement are what help us do what we came to CI to do – to serve students and to make meaningful social change. We invite you to jump right in and contact us for help.

Jennifer E. Perry
Interim Associate Vice President for Academic Programs and Planning

Kristen Linton
Assistant Professor of Health Sciences
Academic Assessment Director

Elizabeth A. Sowers
Associate Professor of Sociology
Program Review Coordinator

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