Official logos, colors, and type styles associated with the University are part of our unique identity. When used in a consistent manner, they project a unified image that promotes our Mission. As official symbols, these graphic elements should not be manipulated or modified in any way.

CM.05.001 - Policy on Use of University Logos

University logos cannot be used on personal or professional web sites unless there is University affiliation and written consent of the President or his designee. The Communication & Public Relations office is available to provide consultation regarding proper use and execution of the logos. Please email all inquiries to

Note: There will be instances where the variation used is determined by the final output process. For example, budget constraints may dictate single-color printing or based on the method of printing, executing the gradient is not possible.

Secondary Theme Designs for Events, Programs or Clubs

The University plans and executes many forms of communication to the campus community as well as our community partners and a variation of the Formal Logo should always appear on materials. Entities may include their Extension, or create artwork to convey an event theme, program, or club identity, but should never create a "logo" that would replace the Formal Logo or variations of the Logo in overall use. 

For example, Student Leadership Programs in Student Affairs uses a variety of shield designs to help demonstrate various steps of the Program. These designs help visually demonstrate the theme, but never should replace the Formal Logo. 

Other examples include a recognized club designing collateral for an event; collateral created for fundraising events such as the Dolphin Classic Golf Tournament or President's Dinner; and collateral created by the Art program for art shows to name a few examples. 

In all examples, a variation of the Formal Logo should be included in the design.

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