When completed, the North Loop Infrastructure project will complete the hydronic loop on the north side of the campus including Gateway Hall, the Early Childhood Care and Education Center (ECCEC) and future Gateway Theatre as well as other future projects. The hydronic loop provides building heating and cooling throughout the campus. Additionally, this project will upgrade electrical power to the north side of campus to these buildings. 

Phase 1 of the North Loop project is located along Ventura Street near El Dorado Hall and the A4 Parking Lot and will continue north and east to the University Drive/Santa Barbara Avenue intersection. Both Ventura Street and Santa Barbara Street will be closed to vehicular traffic during this phase. Pedestrian paths will be maintained from the A3 Parking Lot onto the campus as well as the sidewalks on the south side of Santa Barbara Avenue and the east side of Ventura Street. 

While the project will be enclosed with construction fencing, we ask the campus community to be aware that this is an active construction site. Public entry into any construction area is not permitted.

North Loop Phase 1 Map

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