So, what can you do? There are many current and upcoming sustainability projects at CSUCI that require a campus-wide commitment in order to accomplish. Many of these projects begin in the Department of Facilities Services (FS). If you would like to participate in innovative projects that will aid CSUCI in spearheading the trail toward social, economic, and environmental sustainability, then we have the resources for you. Take advantage of these opportunities to gain real-world insight and experience in the field of sustainability.

Sustainability Working Group

The Sustainability Working Group (SWG) meets at least once each semester to coordinate initiatives to continue the advancement of sustainability on campus. The SWG consists of students, staff, and faculty members. All meetings are open to the public. The SWG also manages subcommittees to work on specific projects each year. All interested members of the CI community are encouraged to participate in these subcommittees.

Sustainable Clubs & Orgs

There are several student clubs and orgs focused on sustainability topics. If you’re a student looking to get involved, reach out to some of our friends:

Student Government Senator

Want to take on a leadership role for your student body? Apply to be part of CSUCI’s student government by serving as the Sustainability & Technology Senator.

Sustainability Projects

We love working with students, faculty and staff on new sustainability initiatives. We always have projects available for engagement in the areas of waste management, water conservation, energy efficiency, sustainable dining, and more. If you’re interested in working on a project to advance CSUCI’s sustainability, contact us!

Service Learning

CSUCI offers a variety of Service Learning opportunities, many of which contribute to sustainability for the campus and surrounding communities. Check out the Service Learning website to learn more.

Santa Rosa Island Research

Get involved in environmental scientific research and stay at the research station on Santa Rosa Island! Inquire about opportunities through the Santa Rosa Island Research Committee.

Attend a Sustainability Event

Check out our events page to see what we have planned!

For more information on how you can contribute to CI’s sustainability efforts beyond the classroom, email or call 805-437-3232.

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