The International Programs Office at CSU Channel Islands has organized the Global Friends Buddy Program for the purpose of promoting interaction between domestic students and international students at CSUCI. 

  • If you are a new international student, welcome to CSU Channel Islands! Adjusting to a new cultural environment can be confusing and challenging. With the Global Friends Buddy Program, you have the opportunity to partner up with a CSUCI student upon your arrival and/or throughout the duration of your stay. The Global Friends Buddy Program was developed to help international students acclimate to the CSUCI way of life and minimize feelings of isolation and loneliness. All international students are encouraged to sign up for the buddy program.

  • If you are a domestic CSUCI student interested in learning about a new culture, practicing a foreign language, or simply getting to know and helping an international student, then this program is for you! Help an international student understand and get to know the CSUCI way of doing things, provide academic support, show them the coolest places to hang out or see in Camarillo, or introduce them to your friends. The buddy program is a great way to volunteer your time and broaden your worldview and appreciation for international education. 

For more information, please contact international@csuci.edu

Meet some buddy pairs

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