10 Steps to Applying for Study Abroad

  1. Attend one of the Study Abroad Information Sessions
  2. 1-Year Study Abroad Application Checklist (PDF, 99.5K) – a list to help you keep track of what needs to be turned in. Review the Step-by-Step Guide to Study Abroad to understand the “big picture” of study abroad application process.
  3. Complete the CSU IP Online Application
  4. Request online recommendation(s) from faculty. More information can be found in the CSU IP online application
  5.  Collect all unoffical transcripts from CSUCI and any other university you have attended (if applicable) and upload them to Online Application
  6. Complete Academic Advisement Form and get signature from Chair of Dept. More information can be found in the CSU IP online application. You can research courses overseas to help you create a 1-Year Overseas Course Plan (PDF, 81.5KB)
  7. Pre-Evaluation Meeting with Director of International Programs
  8. Await your acceptance to the greatest adventure of your academic career!