We offer panels, speakers, and dialogue circles to engage in cross cultural education. These experiences also offer the campus community a space to explore diversity and engage in deeper dialogue about our various lived experiences.

Workshops & Trainings

There are a multitude of workshops and trainings offered by our center to support the students in their academic pursuits and expansion of worldviews. We support these efforts through the following opportunities:

  • Adulting 101: a series of workshops that are designed to help student navigate the hidden curriculum to introduce students to the resources that are available to support students’ needs to complete their academic journey at CSUCI and beyond. Topics that will be covered are: finances, sex education, time management, mindfulness and healthy eating.
  • Undocumented Student Ally Training: Faculty and Staff on campus can choose to take part in our ally program to serve as allies to undocumented students on campus. The program offers three levels of training so that individuals can choose how involved they want to be and how much in depth knowledge they want. Students are able to identify allies by looking for “keys” posted around offices. Click here for more information and a list of allies. Red key with butterfly symbol that states “Undocumented Student Ally”
  • Diversity Workshops: Sessions on various topics like gender inclusion, microaggressions, exploration of social identities, and establishing group agreements are facilitated by our staff. We will also co-construct new sessions that may be needed for a particular student training experience, student organizations, or classrooms. We also offer sessions to share what resources we have available in the MDC. If you would like us to do a presentation, please contact us at

Academic Support

The staff in the Multicultural Dream Center (MDC) will also connect with students for one-on-one support, to discuss personal challenges, academic struggles, or conflicts that might be arising in achieving their academic goals. Each of the staff members in the MDC are committed to all of our students success and are here to meet you where you are.


The Multicultural Dream Center offers a place for students to study, hang out and meet students and staff who are dedicated for student’s success. We provide the following educational resources: free green scantrons/green book, menstrual products, condoms, and free printing up to 10 pages, black and white per day.  In addition, the space has a small computer lab for you to work on papers and work with team members on projects. 

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