About EchoCI and Official University Web Sites

To ensure consistency of the University's digital brand as well as the continued accessibility of web content, all official administrative and academic content that uses the CI digital brand should reside in EchoCI, the University's official web content management system, wherever possible. Exceptions shall be made for special cases as well as web sites hosted by 3rd parties per agreement with the University. Please contact Web Services for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is "web content management"?

Content management is the practice of creating and publishing web page content, including text, images, links, and tables. Traditionally, this has been done with web design software (such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, etc.) or by coding HTML directly to build web pages.

The traditional approach to web content management may work acceptably for small web sites but presents challenges when dealing with maintenance of large, diverse web sites with numerous editors. For managing the web content on its primary web site, www.csuci.edu, CSU Channel Islands uses EchoCI, powered by OmniUpdate, as its official web content management system.

What is EchoCI and what does it do?

EchoCI is a web content management system which enables owners of CI web content to simplify web content creation, management and re-use. EchoCI uses a template-based system to separate web content from web page presentation, making it easy to reuse content. EchoCI also provides better manage for web accessibility and Section 508 compliance.

Who uses EchoCI, and who can use it?

Use of EchoCI is available for CI users whose web sites whose content resides on www.csuci.edu. Other departments, programs and areas may contact the Help Desk to determine if their web content can be managed through EchoCI.

How do I start using EchoCI?

Before you receive your access information for EchoCI, you must successfully complete two Web Technology workshops:

  • Introduction to Web Accessibility & Content Management with EchoCI

Once this workshop has been successfully completed, your supervisor should submit an email request on your behalf to the Help Desk to request access to your organization's content in EchoCI.

Step-by-step instructions for using EchoCI may be found in the "Help Guides and Documentation" section of this page.

How do I get help with EchoCI?

Please contact the Help Desk to open a work order. A Web Services technician will then be assigned to assist you with your EchoCI issues and questions.

Help Guides and Documentation

Self-Paced Video Guide

Watch our self-paced video guide on how to perform everyday tasks in EchoCI.

Printable Guides

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