Anchor links allow you to easily navigate to different sections of a webpage. This is particularly helpful on pages with large amounts of content.

  1. Place your cursor where on the page you'd like to set your anchor. This is where the user will be taken upon clicking the link that we'll create in a moment.
  2. Click the "Insert/edit anchor" icon Insert/edit anchor icon
  3. Enter an anchor name and click "Insert." You'll see a small anchor icon where you placed your cursor earlier.
  4. Next, highlight the text that will link to the anchor we just created
  5. Click the "Insert/edit link" icon Insert/edit link icon
  6. From the "Anchors" drop-down menu, select the anchor you created earlier
  7. Click "Insert"
  8. Click "Save"

**Note: Anchor links do not work properly in the preview version of a page. You'll need to publish the page and view it in a browser to ensure that they work correctly.