Heading styles are used to separate content topically. There are special rules that apply to the use of headings.

  • Heading styles must always be applied in numerical descending order according to the reading order of the page (i.e.: a "Heading 3" style should never come before a "Heading 2")
  • It is perfectly acceptable to use the same heading style more than once, as long as it's in the correct order

Applying a Heading

  1. Highlight the desired text
  2. Select the heading style you want to apply from the Format drop-down menu
    Format drop-down menu screenshot


There are two types of lists that you can use in EchoCI: unordered (bulleted) lists and ordered (numbered) lists. Unordered lists are most suited for simple unstructured lists such as categorical items. (i.e.: materials required for a course, etc.) Ordered lists are a more structured format best suited for step-by-step instructions and similar applications.

Creating a List

  1. Highlight your list items
  2. Click either the "unordered list" or "ordered list" button on the tool bar
    Ordered and unordered list buttons
  3. The highlighted items will transform into a list of the type you specified