Upon logging in to EchoCI, you will be welcomed by the site list screen.

Site list screenshot

  • To get started, click the site that you wish to view the contents of
  • Once inside a site, you'll be taken to the dashboard. Click the "Content" tab to see the contents of the site.
    Content tab screenshot
  • You'll be taken to the content view of the site's directory
    Content view screenshot
  • Above the site contents you'll see various tools that allow you to perform tasks such as creating a new page or uploading a file
    Screenshot of tools above a site's content
  • You'll also see file specific tools, such as "rename" and "move," on the right side of the of the site files
    Screenshot of file specific tools
  • When you click a page in the content view, you'll be taken to an editing window where you can choose a section of the page to edit
    Editing window screenshot
  • On the left side of the screen in the editing window, you'll see an "Expand split-screen" icon. Click this to expand a browser-sidebar that displays the current directory as well as  a separate set of tools above the editing window
    Expanded split-screen menuScreenshot of tools available above editing window in expanded split-screen view