Saving a Page

  1. Click the Save icon on the toolbar to save your most recent changes Save icon screenshot
  2. After you've saved your changes, check the file back in by clicking the "Check-In" icon Check-in icon screenshot

Resume Editing

You can come back to the page later and continue editing it until you are ready to publish it to the live server. To resume editing:

  1. Click the name of the file you were working on
  2. Click the "edit main text area" button
    Edit main text area button
  3. Continue editing your page as necessary
  4. Once you're done, click Save

Publishing a Page

Once you've edited your page to the desired state, you are ready to publish it.

  1. Be sure your page is checked out. If it's not, simply click the "Check-Out" button
    Check-out button
  2. Click the "publish now" button
    Publish now button
  3. In the "Version Description" field, enter a brief summary of the changes you made
  4. Click "Publish"
  5. You'll receive a success dialog window once the operation has completed