Eligibility for Resources

LSAMP students are expected to actively participate in LSAMP activities to remain eligible for scholarships/stipends and textbook reimbursements. Details are specified in each semester's "Welcome Back" LSAMP letter.

Seminar Program:

LSAMP students meet biweekly on Fridays in-person during the 23/24 Academic Year. Activities and topics:

  • Faculty research and opportunities for student research
  • Advising
  • information sessions about graduate school
  • workshops on writing statements of purpose
  • Various activities designed to help recognize and practice "professionalism"
  • Finding paid summer research opportunities
  • Graduate student panels
  • Bridges to the Doctorate programs
  • Developing presentation skills
  • Student presentations upon return from conferences
  • Trips to nearby graduate schools
  • California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education

Textbook Reimbursement:

LSAMP students may receive a STEM textbook reimbursement of up to $100 or $200 (depending on activity level) per semester. Follow the directions in your Welcome letter. Checks will be mailed directly once disbursed.

Travel Stipend:

LSAMP students may apply for a travel grant of up to $1200 to attend a professional conference in their discipline. Students must submit a travel application AND an estimate of trip expenses using the online application. If the application is approved, students will receive a check based on their expense estimates. Students will arrange their own travel and conference registration.

Application for Travel Stipend

Travel Forms

Students who attend a conference must bring back conference information (i.e., packets, brochures, pamphlets, etc) and will be asked to present at the Friday seminar session on what they experienced and learned at the conference.

Research Scholarship:

Each semester LSAMP students are eligible to apply for a research scholarship between $500 and $1,200 when funds permit, students may apply by May 1 for a research stipend for research to be conducted during the summer. Students will be awarded research scholarships to support research with a faculty member. (Student who are being paid from another grant or who are earning course credit for their research are not eligible for these awards.) Recipients must present on their research briefly in the seminar program and at the CI research symposium in May. To apply for a research stipend, complete the online application. If you would like assistance identifying potential faculty research mentor, please talk with your LSAMP Faculty Director.

Application for Research Scholarship

Research Supply Minigrant:

LSAMP students are eligible to apply for a $250 research supply minigrant for supplies needed for a research project being conducted under the guidance of a faculty member. Student and faculty member must submit a list of supplies and amounts via the online application. If the application is approved, the student will work with a designated CI staff person to purchase the supplies.

Application for Research Supply Minigrant

Summer Opportunities:

LSAMP hosts a "finding the right summer opportunity" workshop each December.

Overview: Why REUs?
Starting point for your search
Spreadsheet for record-keeping
Requesting Letters of Rec

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