A. The members of the Commission are appointed by the President and shall be comprised of CI employees and students as delineated below. Appointees serve three-year terms.

i.  Employee Groups

a.  Academic Senate (3): Catherine Burriss, Jose Alamillo, Colleen Nevins
b.  Housing and Residential Education (1): Cindy Derrico
c.  Disability Accommodations and Support Services (1): Valeri Cirino-Paez
d.  Enrollment Services (1): Darius Riggins
e.  Educational Opportunity Program (1): Leah Alvarado
f.   Communications and Marketing (1): Joanna Murphy,
g.  At-large staff (2): Wendy Olson, Noel Buena

ii.  Specific individuals who serve in the following employee positions:

a.  Dean of Students: Damien Peña
b.  Faculty Director of the Center for Multicultural Engagement: Julia Balén
c.  Associate Vice President for Human Resources: Anna Pavin
d.  Associate Director for Human Resources:  Laurie Nichols
e.  Director Academic Personnel: Rian Medlin
f.   Director of Institutional Research: Vacant

iii.  Student representatives:  Up to four students recommended by ASI and then approved, after screening for eligibility, by the Vice President for Student Affairs. Student representatives serve 1-year terms.

iv.  At-Large Community Members

a.  University Auxiliary Services, Inc.: Deanne Ellison