Minutes of March 13, 2019 meeting

1) Attendees:

EHS (Director):    Peer Gerber (Chair)
EHS (Health & Safety Manager):    Joyce Spencer
EHS (Environmental Compliance and Hazardous Materials Manager):    Jennifer Lindquist
EHS (Chemical Hygiene Officer & Laboratory Safety Specialist):    Derick Jaramillo
EHS (Safety Specialist):    Derick Nguyen
Facilities Services (Director, Facility Support):    Raudel Banuelos
Facilities Services (Electrical Shop):    Teresa L. Kocis
Human Resources:    Kim Sones
Chemistry:    Marty Labasan
Biotechnology:    Melissa McCoy
Biology:    Catherine Hutchinson
Art:    Kenji Webb
Art:    Ivan Grooms
Police Department:    Christopher Jetton
Physics:    Timo Schulze
ITS:    Carlos Miranda

  1. Introductions- Peer Gerber welcomed everyone, introduced himself and asked everyone to briefly introduce themselves

  2. Review and approve minutes from 12 December 2018 meeting- The minutes from the 12 September 2018 meeting were briefly reviewed. Peer Gerber made a motion to approve the minutes, which was seconded by Kenji Webb. There was a unanimous decision to approve these minutes.

  3. Unfinished Business- Sea Lions at the CIBC- During the 19 September meeting, Joshua Wade reported that the Channel Islands Harbor master approved a Facilities Services-funded construction project to install fencing along the dock with non-penetrating post brackets that will be installed over the dock cleats. Materials have been ordered. No update was given during this meeting.

  4. New Business

    1. Catherine Hutchinson mentioned that she received a last-minute request from Guy Spevak for a cost estimate to install earthquake-resistant shelving for the Biology dept laboratory items utilizing available FEMA funds. Catherine informed Peer that more time is needed in order to properly determine the department’s needs. Peer informed Catherine list that he will contact Guy and ask for an extension.

      Derick Jaramillo gave an update regarding the EHS inspections that he performed for each laboratory. Overall, he was very impressed with each lab. Derick also mentioned that two common discrepancies noted on the inspection reports were improper secondary container labeling and fume hoods being used for storage. Derick also mentioned that class D fire extinguishers are not required in Mechatronics laboratories.

    2. Derick Jaramillo informed the committee that fire extinguisher training will be scheduled in the spring and fall each year. For 2019, the training dates are April 19th (9am-10am) and September 6th (9am-10am). An e-mail notification will be sent to all affected employees.

    3. Joyce Spencer mentioned that, so far in 2019, 15 total (employee, visitor/vendor, and student) injuries were reported, down from 26 total injuries for the university at this time last year. Joyce is also working Human Resources and Chris Jetton to create a new injury reporting system. Joyce is also working with ITS to create a new laboratory safety training portal on the EHS website. Joyce also gave an update regarding faculty laboratory safety training.

  5. Reports and Miscellaneous Information

    1. Follow up items
      With the exception of fencing for the CIBC dock, all open items from the previous Committee have been closed.

    2. Injury Report
      Normal processes for prevention and response to accidents and injuries are in place and functioning well.

The following is an injury summary report for the Committee’s review:

Injury Report: 12/12/2018 – 03/13/2019


The student injuries occurred in various locations for various reasons. Several student injuries occurred during sports activities. Regarding employee injuries, normal processes for prevention and response to accidents and injuries are in place and functioning. Four injuries occurred within the Facilities Services department (three in Custodial Services and one in the Grounds shop)

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be scheduled during Summer, 2019.

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