Minutes of June 10, 2015 meeting

1) In attendance were:
FS Management:Raudel Banuelos
Chemistry: Scott Duffer
Art: Ivan Grooms
Safety/Environment: Bill Kupfer, Chair
Student Affairs: Ed Lebioda
Haz Mat & Envtl Manager: Jennifer Lindquist
Biology: Michael Mahoney
Biotechnology: Melissa McCoy
Technology and Communication: Carlos Miranda
Police Department: Kevin Medley
Health and Safety Manager: Joyce Spencer
Art: Kenji Webb

1) Information item: New members (or alternates) Kenji Webb and Melissa McCoy were introduced. They were provided the Committee charter and list of members. The chair also informed the Committee he has informally asked Arts and Sciences faculty to provide representation on this Committee.

2) Information item: Chemical Emergency Response Plan The EH&S office has updated the University Chemical Emergency Response Plan. It contains an inventory of hazardous materials, a map showing where those materials are located, and a written plan to address an emergency wherein these materials are involved.

3) Injury Report

There were 17 persons injured since the 2/25/15 meeting; seven students, six employees, and four visitors. Three of the visitor injuries occurred on graduation day.

The student injuries included two sports injuries, one field trip injury, two in housing and two who lost consciousness on campus. Response to these injuries was managed through normal campus systems and processes. The Committee did not discern anything that might warrant further action.

Two of the four visitor injuries were due to one our most common injury causes, trip-and-fall. These injuries continue to be addressed by vigilance for, and correction of, trip hazards when they are found. Two trip-and-falls occurred at graduation and have been addressed in this way. A sidewalk defect associated with one injury has been repaired and, after discussion by the Committee, a communication was sent by the Committee Chair to graduation assessment (Maggie Tougas) and planning (Elizabeth Rubiclava) to be mindful of safe access routes to disabled seating. Disabled access routes should be devoid of any trip hazards, even if apparently minor, as much as is reasonably achievable.

Regarding the employee injuries, normal processes for prevention and response to accidents and injuries are in place and functioning well. All injuries were relatively minor however, upon review, one injury was judged as due to disregard of a basic safety rule. A chemistry student sustained a foot injury that would not have occurred if they were wearing appropriate footwear as is required by standard lab safety procedure. This was emphasized at the Committee meeting and will also be conveyed by the Chair to the Chemistry Chemical Hygiene Officer.

4) Ergonomic services update
The EH&S office is applying for a grant to purchase an on-line interactive ergonomic assessment and training tool. This tool will provide a significant employee wellness benefit, help mitigate a documented common risk, and can provide ergonomic injury prevention to part of the campus population that has not thus far had ergonomic services.

5) Attendee discussion of campus activities and safety concerns

A number of topics were discussed. The following require follow up actions

  • Graduation trip and fall hazards (mentioned above)
  • Information Technology support of Sierra Hall move in: Joyce Spencer will provide stretching warm up exercises and back safety information to IT staff to help prevent injury associated with moving an unusual amount of equipment.
  • Ceramics studio – a new floor finish will require safety considerations to prevent slip and fall. Work practices and non-slip footwear will be arranged by EH&S in cooperation with Art staff and faculty.
  • Summer conferencing: the Chair will contact Pamela Abbot regarding medical release forms for minors. It is important to have these on hand for timely treatment of minors by responding Police/EMTs.
  • There is a potential door hazard to passersby at Broome 2325 – EH&S will evaluate this.
  • On July 1st there will be an enforcement agency inspection of campus hazardous materials and hazardous waste activities. Relevant departments were urged to review compliance with hazardous materials regulations prior to this visit.
  • Non-action information item: Biotechnology will be moving into Sierra Hall

6) Agenda items of EH&S audits and storm-water regulation were deferred to a later meeting due to time constraints.

  • Next Meeting

The next meeting will be scheduled during Summer, 2015.

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