Laws and regulations mandate many types of training regarding hazardous materials use, pollution prevention and occupational safety. The type of information you are required to know varies depending on your job. Your supervisor or the office of Environment Health & Safety (EHS) can tell you what types of training are required. You can receive your required training in a variety of ways. On-line training is one of those ways; information about on-line training is provided below.

Student Lab Safety Training

Follow this link for student lab safety training.

Employee on-line Environmental Health & Safety Training

Self-administered EHS courses are available from any campus computer. Use the “Quick Guide” and link below to access this training.

  1. Read the Quick Guide (PDF) on how to access the training.
  2. Access the CSU sponsored EHS training

When you have completed a course, please print your certificate and provide a copy to your immediate supervisor.

For questions on accessing the EHS courses, or to review training needs for your area, please contact Environment, Health and Safety at 805-437-3974.

In-person training

Many types of EH&S training can be provided “live” by EH&S and other campus staff. Contact your supervisor or the office of Environmental Health and Safety for arrangements.