Immediate action for all injuries:

If a serious injury of illness occurs, immediately call Campus Police by dialing 911. Give Campus Police your name, the nature and severity of the medical problem, and the location of the victim. Campus Police will provide immediate medical attention and will arrange transportation if necessary.

If the injury is minor, an employee with First Aid training may provide First Aid. Administration of First Aid must be documented in a departmental first aid log. Campus Police can be helpful with administering first aid, as well as determining if further medical attention is needed. Campus Police can be reached at campus extension 8444 or by dialing 911.

When the injured person is an employee:

If the injured person is a University employee, notify the employee's supervisor and Human Resources staff as soon as possible. Immediate reporting of work-related accidents and injuries is very important, for both the timely investigation of accidents and the timely provision of Workers' Compensation benefits to the employee.

Upon receiving knowledge of a work-related injury or illness, the supervisor of the affected employee must complete an online Supervisor's Injury or Illness Report

If you are unable to complete the online form, you may download and fillable form and submit it to Human Resources with 24 hours of the reported injury. Supervisor's Injury or Illness Report (PDF). Guidance for completing this report is available at the following link: Supervisor's Accident Investigation Guide(MS Word, 328KB)

As soon as the injured employee's immediate needs are met they must be provided a Workers' Compensation "Employee Claim Form" (DWC-1). This form can be obtained from the Workers' Compensation Coordinator (ext. 2623), or any Human Resources staff. This form must be provided to the injured employee within 24 hours of the reported injury. The injured employee in need of Workers' Compensation benefits should complete this form and return it to the Workers' Compensation Coordinator .

If an injury requires that an employee be off work, a doctor's release will be required for the employee to return to work.

When an accident involves a student, campus visitor or vendor:

A University employee (the person in charge of the activity wherein the accident occurred, or a witness to the accident) must complete a Student/Visitor/Vendor Accident Report (PDF), and submit it to Risk Management soon as possible.

Please refer to EMERGENCY PROCEDURES, posted throughout campus, for procedures to follow in the event of various other emergencies.

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