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The CSU Channel Islands Emergency Management (EM) office is responsible for ensuring the CSUCI campus and University Glen community are prepared to respond to and recover from any emergency or disaster.

The Emergency Manager is responsible for overseeing the Be CI Ready program, advising university administrators and executives on disaster preparedness, response, and recovery issues related to our campus, and ensuring compliance with CSU Executive Orders 1014 & 1056.

Why should I "Be CI Ready"?

Being prepared is an individual as well as organizational responsibility.   Individuals will recover faster from the trauma of a disaster if they are prepared and can reach out to help others – you can only do this if you help yourself first.  In a disaster the first people to assist in an emergency are often your neighbors, friends and co-workers.  Neighbors, not professional first responders, typically perform 70% of all rescues in major disasters.

Emergency action plans keep you and your family calm and safe in case of a natural disaster, fire or terrorist attack.  Planning for these events is not just for institutions and business; it’s just as important for families, in order to ensure everyone is prepared when an emergency occurs.

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