All vehicles entering and/or parking on the California State University Channel Islands  campus property must be licensed, registered, and insured in accordance with applicable state laws.  Vehicle operators may be required to provide proof of insurance.  CI is not responsible for vehicle damage or items stolen from vehicles.  It is the responsibility of the owner/driver of all vehicles to ensure that all vehicles and their contents are secure.


In accordance with Section 21113 of the California Vehicle Code, Sections 42200 and 42201 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations the following regulations will be enforced on this campus by Transportation & Parking Services (TPS).

The purposes of these regulations are to: 1) expedite University business and provide maximum safety and convenience 2) regulate parking, with priority given to services of the University and 3) provide and maintain suitable campus parking and traffic facilities.


The concept of “pay for parking” on campuses of the California State University is at the direction of the State Legislature and is based on the philosophy that parking facilities must be paid by the user. CSUCI  Transportation and Parking Services (TPS) is responsible for enforcement, maintenance, and operation of the parking facilities. 

As used within these regulations, “campus” describes all property owned, leased, and/or controlled by CSUCI, which is or may hereafter be dedicated mainly to the educational, research, housing, recreational, parking, or other activities of CSUCI.

Parking on campus is by permit only with the exception of metered, visitor spaces and Town Center 90 minute parking. Parking is restricted to designated parking lots only. Unless indicated by signage, street parking is prohibited on campus and outlying areas. Signs located within or at entrances to parking areas indicate permits required.

CI provides parking for a fee in the following classifications:

Students are defined as anyone that is enrolled in classes and is primarily on campus to pursue their educational goals.  This excludes full time and permanent part time employees.


For the purpose of these regulations, “employees” includes all faculty, staff, temporary employees, and other support personnel employed by the university. 
(Note: Student part time workers, graduate assistants and teaching associates are not considered employees because they are primarily on campus for purposes related to obtaining their educational goal.

Parking for Individuals with Disabilities

Parking for individuals with disabilities is defined as a parking zone or space identified with a sign bearing the international disability symbol that is restricted at all times to use by vehicles bearing a valid DMV issued placard or plates and a CI parking permit or complimentary disabled visitor permit.  (See 7.0)


Tenants are defined as any organization, person or employees of an organization, or person(s) with an executed lease with CI.

CI provides complimentary parking for the following Visitor classifications:

Restricted Visitor

Restricted visitors are defined as any organization or person(s) that are designated by the Office of the President to assist with planning and development of the campus.


Violation of Parking Regulations

Vehicles found to be parked in violation of any campus parking regulation or regulations or parked in violation of any sections of the California Vehicle Code will be issued a “Notice of Parking Violation” (citation) by a representative of Public Safety.

Campus Posting of Towing Away Notices

The university has posted parking notices throughout campus parking areas. Notices are posted in the following manner: “Vehicles in violation are subject to citation and/or towing at vehicle owner’s expense (C.V.C 22659).”

Unattended Vehicles

Any vehicle left standing on any highway, roadway, or other property of the university in violation of posted provisions (C.V.C 22659) or in violation of any provision of the Vehicle Code may be towed away and stored at vehicle owner’s expense (C.V.C. 22651).

Improper Use and Possession of Permit

Any vehicle displaying a lost, stolen, forged, or fictitious parking permit or a permit obtained by means not permitted under the university parking regulations will be issued a “Notice of Parking Violation”. It is a violation to use a permit previously reported lost or stolen. All found permits should be returned to TPS.

Tow Away of Stored and Impounded Vehicles

Vehicles stored or impounded will be towed away at the vehicle owner’s expense or, if deemed appropriate by the PPS representative initiating the impound, may be immobilized by wheel lock. Any immobilized vehicle may be removed/towed away from the campus at the vehicle owner’s expense at any time following the original impound if for any reason the removal is requested by a representative of the TPS. To legally reclaim an impounded or immobilized vehicle, the vehicle owner or their designee must deposit the total parking fines due with TPS during regular business hours, Monday through Friday 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM . All immobilized vehicles will be charged a release fee.  See the Fee Schedule (Appendix A).

Impound by Wheel Lock

As authorized in the California Vehicle Code, Sections 22651(i) and 22651.7: any vehicle, other than a rented vehicle, found upon a highway or public lands and is known to have been issued five or more “Notices of Parking Violation” (citations) issued over a period of five or more days, to which the owner or person in control of the vehicle has not responded to the agency responsible for processing “Notices of Parking Violations,” the vehicle may be impounded by immobilization (wheel lock) or towing until that person furnishes to the impounding law enforcement agency evidence of his or her identity and an address within this state at which he or she can be located and satisfactory evidence that the fines have been deposited for all “Notices of Parking Violations” issued for the vehicle.

Non-Registered Vehicle

Any vehicle parked that displays either no evidence of registration (i.e., license plates, vehicle identification number, etc.) or vehicles that display registration, which is expired more than 6 months, are subject to inspection, citation and/or impoundment (C.V.C. 22651(j) and 22651(o)(1), respectively).

Towing / Cancellation

When any vehicle is in the process of being towed from the university using an applicable towing authority section of the California Vehicle Code and the driver of the vehicle arrives on scene, a “Notice of Parking Violation” (citation) will be issued and tow away will be canceled, unless the towing service has arrived and initiated tow away procedures by making physical contact with the vehicle. If the towing company has made physical contact with the vehicle then arrangement for towing fees are subject to agreement between the driver of the vehicle in question and the towing service. If the vehicle is being towed for a violation of Section 22651(i), five or more delinquent citations, tow away will not be canceled unless the driver has immediate means by which they can pay all applicable outstanding parking citations on file with TPS.

Fine Schedule for CI Parking Citations

A schedule of fines will be reviewed annually and will be made available:                                               

Violation Bail Schedule