Map and Locations of Science Activities

map of 2017 Science Carnival

Download a two-page map with listing of the activities in each zone (PDF, 202KB)

Download a full site map showing the location of all activities (PDF, 1.3MB)

Imagination Zone (C)


Fizzy Bath Salts

Make Your Own Lip Balm

Make Your Own Perfume

Sodium Alginate Beads & Worms

Pixie Stix

3D Printing

Magnetic Goo

Make a Motor

Make Your Own Hair Gel

Make Your Own Stress Ball

Bling-ing it up with Science

Art Bot

Glue Gak

Tie Dye Chromotography

Glow Powder Drawing


Discovery Zone (D)

Smoke Rings

Boo Bubbles


Instant Snow

I am a Scientist Photo

How does your garden grow

Adventures in Archeology

Prints from the Past

Rocks Rock

Giant Bubbles


Exploration Zone (F)


Magic Sand

Tie Dye Milk

Roll, Slide, Stay

100 Chart Puzzles

Fill 10, Fill 20

How much in a handful?

Tangram puzzles

Collection Boxes

Water Xylophone

Automatic Balloon Inflator

Making Butter

Discovery Ramp

Tin Cans, Magnets, and Loose Parts

Wrecking Ball Pendulum

Simple Catapult

Paper Airplanes

Water Works

Wind Tunnel

Water Wall

Chalk Spinner

Light Exploration

Soap Monster

Jurassic Sand/ Sound Wall


Sensational Zone (G)


UV Bracelets

Pencil Lead Lightbulb

Electric Pickle

Ghost Eggs

Dr. Glow & Dr. Lumos

It's Electrifying

Colorful Gases


Spooky Music Maker:  Theremin

Laser Harp

Makey Makey Banana Piano

Screaming Cups


Wonderland (H)

Pig Lungs



Owl Pellet Dissection

Critter Microscopy

Bed of Nails


Help Clean Up an Oil Spill

AUV: Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Take Matilija Dam Down

DNA Extraction

California Resource s Corporation

Californians for Energy Independence 

Ventura County Public Works Agency

VC Sheriff

Channel Islands National Park

Math Fun

Clay-ate the Cardiovascular System

Heart Health

It's Heart Work




Tomorrowland (I)

NPHS Robots


Scan Yourself to an Action Figure!

Ping Pong Ball Accelerator/ Fun with Physics


Mechanical Arm Jenga Challenge



Carnival Zone (J)

Candy Claw

Liquid Nitrogen Dippin Dots

Liquid Nitrogen Effects

Giant Operation Game

Geo. Hot Potato

Berry Drops

Rainbow Juice

Dry Ice Crystal Ball

Dry Ice Carbonation/ Fizzy Punch

Agar Worms

Airball Bowling

Physics of Carnival Games

Magic Pitcher


Launch Zone (K)

Marshmallow Cannon

Coke & Mentos

Alka-Seltzer Rockets

Rocket Launchers

Elephant Toothpaste


Demo State (N)

Note: shows on the half-hour at 5, 5:30, 6:30, 7, and 7:30 pm

Colored Flames

Flaming Gummy Bear

Self Carving Pumpkin

Magnesium Lantern


Pyro Zone (O)

Egg in a Bottle

Money on Fire

Gold & Silver Pennies